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Last But Not Least, I Learned that Mitt Romney is Exceptional, Literally and Figuratively

Part 5 of “Everything I Learned from the Impeachment of Donald Trump.”

From “corporations are people my friend,” to the video of him oddly blowing out each individual candle on his twinkie birthday cake, Mitt Romney is normally a robotic, unemotional social and fiscal conservative. However, for 10 extraordinary minutes, the man who famously strapped his dog to his car roof and categorically dismissed 47% of Americans delivered a powerful, emotionally moving speech explaining his vote to convict Trump of abuse of power. Breaking with his “Cult of Trump” Republican colleagues and contrasting with the oftentimes rambling and repetitive Democratic House managers, Mitt eloquently and concisely explained why he had no choice but to vote to convict Trump of “an appalling abuse of public trust” and remove him from office:

Riley Schenck is a politics junkie who has worked extensively on international development projects in Mexico

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